Rescued the rescue officer

Mr,Sekar was a brave policeman who was part of flood rescue team that was involved in action. All of a sudden he faced an unexpected cardiac arrest. Soon he was rushed to Billroth hospital for treatment. Dr.Illayaraja, Inverventional Cardiologist assembled the team immediately when he got the information and was ready with the complete set up even before the patient reached the hospital.

Pulmonary Tuberculosis (TB)

TB is a completely curable disease. It is due to mycobacterium tubercle bacilli causing cough, fever, weight loss etc. The diagnostic tests are sputum test for AFB and chest radiography. Treatment consists of 6-9 months with anti TB therapy. TB can manifest as hemoptysis (coughing out of blood), Fever of unknown origin, pleural effusion etc., MDR-TB is diagnosed based on the sensitivity of the MTB Bacilli.

Ovulation Induction

This is used to treat women who are not ovulating, using tablets or injections to induce ovulation. Couples who have not conceived after six months of successful ovulation will need advanced treatment.