Radiology is a medical department where ionized and non-ionized radiation is used to study the diagnosis and treatment procedure. Some of them include digital x-ray, Magnet Resonance Imaging (MRI), Computed Tomography (CT scan), mammography and 4D USG.

In this process, the radiographer after completing the imaging process reads the image, interprets it and gives a report to the physician who had ordered for it. From there on the respective specialist decides on the medication process.

  • High end 1.5 Tesla machine with 16 channel electronics.

  • Superior image quality, lightning fast procedure.

  • Capable of performing dedicated cardiac, breast MRI and also advanced neuro applications.

  • 64 slice Dual Source CT [DSCT]

  • Utilizes 2 x-ray tubes & detectors perpendicular to each other with a true temporal resolution of 83 ms.

  • Beta blockers are not against for CT Coronary Angiogram.

  • Increased image quality and clarity.

  • Contrast studies including barium studies, intravenous urogram and hysterosalpingogram are done.

  • 4th dimension of time is added to 3 dimensional still ultrasound images.

  • Especially useful in Obstetrics live action images of the fetus can be visualized

  • Low dose X-ray system to examine breasts.

  • Helps in early detection of breast cancers.

  • Advanced colour Doppler Ultrasound scanners offer studies of carotids, peripheral vessels, abdominal and renal vessels.

  • All radiology images are stored in a computer image archive and are available within minutes on any of the computers conveniently located throughout the hospital.

  • Enables off-site viewing and reporting as in teleradiology and telemedicine.