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Billroth 24*7 Ambulance

Billroth Emergency Services
In times of medical emergencies, swift and reliable transportation can make all the difference. At Billroth Hospital, we understand the urgency of such situations, and our 24/7 Ambulance Services are here to provide immediate and compassionate care when you need it the most.
With round-the-clock alert, the emergency department has the stature to handle any kind of immediate case. Our fleet of ambulances is well-equipped with the necessary life-saving systems and drugs. First Aid, BLS, ACLS, and ATLS-qualified paramedics and BLS-qualified drivers start the treatment process right from the moment we see our patients.
The emergency department has a triage area with 4 beds monitored by our chiefs. The department is firm enough to handle even mass cases like causalities and disaster victims. It is also equipped with 12 bedded observation wards, a minor operation theatre, and a dressing room. Staffed with trauma physicians, emergency room physicians, surgical residents, and nurses the hospital is well established to provide comprehensive emergency care to our patients.
EMERGENCY CALL: +91 4027 – 4027