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Department of Dental Sciences

Spreading smiles with expert, advanced dental care
Billroth’s Department of Dental science and Dental Surgery focuses on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and irregularities involving the teeth, gums, and other tissues of the mouth. Teeth loss can happen due to an accident or aging process. In such situation it will be embracing to smile out openly or some time eating your favorite dish will be dampened. In such situation our prosthodontists will take measurable steps in not only restoring the teeth but also your smile. Our team will provide comprehensive advice and treatment right from initial consultation until the final implantation and procedures thereof.
Billroth Hospital’s advanced facilities for dental surgery enable our dental surgeons to offer end-to-end care that is on par with international standards. Dental implants, orthodontics (diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of dental and facial irregularities), periodontics (diagnosis, prevention and treatment of gum diseases) and prosthodontics (restoration of damaged natural teeth or replacement with artificial teeth) are among its myriad services.

Tooth decay, where the decay within the tooth is removed and the surrounding enamel region is made ready to be filled. Laser is also used to harden the filling.

Gum disease, in which laser is used to reshape the gums and kills bacteria during the performances of root canal procedures.

Biopsy or lesion removal, where laser is used to collect sample tissues (a biopsy technique) for examination of cancer. It is also used to remove lesions which cause a severe pain called canker sores.

Teeth whitening, in which laser is used to restore the whitening look of the teeth, by activating the peroxide bleaching solution applied on the surface of the teeth.

Laser dentistry is a technology that requires no invasive procedures, no bleeding or stitches, and the wounds heel faster and restores the tissue It is the next higher step to the traditional form of dentistry.

This aesthetic dentistry is any dental work that improves the appearance of the teeth. The techniques include whitening, straightening, reshape and repairing teeth to improve the beauty of a smile which in turn improves the overall beauty. Filling the gap between the teeth with the tooth color itself, closing the gaps between the teeth, and closing the broken teeth with the crown are the other techniques of this industry. Smile designing is a technique to improve the beauty of smile. All people have the tendency to have a beautiful and pleasing smile. It is the teeth and lips which pave the way for it.
Cosmetic dentistry and its techniques are involved in smile smile-designing process. Some of the cosmetic dentistry techniques implemented in smile designing are

Tooth coloris the foremost of the procedures. The color of teeth changes as time passes by which is more in people addicted to smoking, alcohol consumption and over intake of tea and coffee. Their natural and original white color is restored by filling silver and amalgam fillings and the stained color is removed. White and bright teeth tend your smile to look young. Our experts are well versed in matching the white color and its brightness according to the skin tone.

Alignment and spacing is done for teeth that are crooked, overlapping and have gaps between them. They are aligned in such a way that they are neatly arranged and spaced with no gaps and all look even when smiled.

Missing teeth affect the appearance of the smile. It looks odd whenever the person smiles. Also food consumption with missing teeth may lead to tooth decay. Restoring is done by tooth implants, bridges and partial dentures. Broken teeth are also repaired by placing crowns over it which looks like a full tooth. The surgery is performed to improve a person s appearance and there by self-esteem by changing the look of the person. Our experts are well-versed maxillofacial surgeons. Some of the surgeries include

Minor oral surgery
As the name suggests, minor surgeries are small surgeries such as the removal of wisdom teeth, impacted teeth and broken teeth which are carried out by oral surgeons only. The operation is performed under local anesthetic conditions only. These surgeries require very little time and they do not require hospital stay. Microscopic endodontics is an advanced and successful endodontic surgical technique. With this, the affected area is magnified and even small structures not visible clearly through the naked eye can be treated well. The patient feels a negligible amount of pain only with this method which proves a long-term effect.
Each tooth consists of two to three roots with each having three root canals attached to it. The root canals are very thin and hair-like structures that when untreated lead to severe consequences. The infection in the root canal occurs as a result of tooth decay. With the help of microscopic treatment, these very small and thin damaged structures can also be treated effectively.

Implant dentistry is implanting the root on which the crown rests. The visible structure is called the crown and the structure that is hidden inside that extends to the jaw bone is called as root. The root plays a vital part in holding the crown. Here implantation of the root is done by a material called titanium which is bio-compatible and fuses into the jaw bone giving strength to the crown. This process of implanting titanium root to fuse into the jaw bone is called osseointegration. Invisible orthodontics replaced the traditional orthodontic methods of wearing braces with brackets and wires which gives an odd look when smiled. This method consists of strong and rigid invisible braces that are least visible.

Dental Doctors

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