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Duration: 3 Years
The Emergency Department (ED) in Billroth is 16 bed which offering the full spectrum of services. The ED provides acute treatment for traffic accidentals, burns, poisoning, surgical and acute medical emergencies and thrombolysis for MI and stroke. The ED is well equipped with multi panel monitors, point of cause tests, such as ABG, ECG, ECHO. USG & Cardiac enzymes (Hs- Trop – T) are available with in the Emergency for quick decision making in the department.
Course Location: Billroth Hospitals, Shenoy Nagar.
Emergency care is also available at our branch in RA Puram, Chennai.
Bedside X-Ray, CT- Scan & MRI is available round the clock. A lab & blood storage area with quick turnaround timer is also attached to the ED. SEMI (Society of Emergency Medicine of India is a full member of the International Federation of Emergency and Indian emergency medicine to the International community. SEMI is the oldest and the First Indian organization created for the development of Emergency medicine degree is awarded by Billroth Hospitals in association with SEMI, since 2018.
TO be eligible to take up this course, a candidate must have completed their MBBS from an institution recognized by National Medical council (NMC) India. In Billroth Hospitals, the MEM PG’s are posted in various postings such as Radiology, OT, Ortho CCU’s to train the skills & knowledge to the fullest.