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Patient Guide

Registration and billing for OPD
Every patient who wishes to avail of the services at Billroth hospitals has to be registered. This is a one-time event that gives you a permanent UHID number. Registration and billing counters are present on the Ground floor near the OPD. The patient needs to pay for appointments and all other services prior to availing the same.
For OPD appointments, please contact us on 7299404040.
Accidents and Emergency
Our emergency department works around the clock. In case of any emergency, contact the casualty medical officer on +91(44) 40274027
Ambulance Services
We have three fully equipped ambulances available to transport patients to and from the hospital. To avail this service, please contact us on +91(44) 40274027
Health Checkup Appointments
To book an appointment for a health checkup, please contact us on 7299404040.