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Blood Transfusion Services

Lifesaving Care, Every Drop Matters
Billroth’s Blood Bank is a state-of-the-art, 24-hour facility that offers the entire spectrum of services from blood collection to testing and component separation. Its services are organized according to functional areas, each handled by skilled and experienced staff.
Our blood bank handles over 30,000 units of blood every year, and more than 300 transfusions every month. Whole blood as well as blood components are available. Stringent practices ensure that every unit that leaves the blood bank is safe for patients.
We at Billroth Hospitals, undergo step-by-step rigorous protocols to ensure the safety of every blood product.
Type and Screen of Blood Transfusion Services
For infants over 4 months, a new heel stick is needed every 3 days.
For HLA matched, patients must have HLA typing and go for HLA Typing, HLA Antibody Screen.
Billroth Hospital’s Blood Bank has a 24*7 program to support blood orders for patient-centred blood management in compliance with national guidelines. A daily blood utilization review includes blood transfusion services of red blood cells and apheresis platelets which is conducted by a specialist in Transfusion Medicine.