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Health is beyond wealth

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Jan - Volume - 05

We at Billroth, continue to be inspired every day. Our team works together to provide outstanding care to the women in our community, to educate

Dec - Volume - 04

The orthopaedic department at Billroth Hospital is a specialized unit dedicated to providing comprehensive care for patients with musculoskeletal

Nov - Volume - 03

The gut, often referred to as our “SECOND BRAIN” plays a crucial role in our overall well-being. The stomach, that seemingly humble

FEB - Volume - 06

The body takes time to produce new red blood cells, and therefore, a significant increase in haemoglobin levels may not occur overnight. However, with the appropriate interventions,

MAR - Volume - 07

When you breathe in air through your nose or mouth, it passes through your windpipe. The windpipe is also called the trachea. The windpipe divides into two airways called bronchial tubes or bronchi. There is one

APR - Volume - 08

Plastic surgery is one of the oldest surgical specialities, and we should be proud to say that it is India’s contribution to the world. Maharishi Sushruta is regarded as the ‘Father of Surgery’